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Mini ERP Software Dubai

Mini ERP – why? Al Wafaa Group provide the ERP software solutions for different departments such as manufacturing, distribution, services, retail and hospitality. Hosted solutions are available in ERP, Cloud-based ERP solutions are also available from alwafaa group which are meant for small scale industries that provide scalability and flexibility to enable them to meet today's business challenges.

We are Alwafaa Group, a Dubai based Software Company, provide a fully integrated Mini ERP solution to help in managing the customers, vendors & stock to increase business growth of SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) to efficiently manage their Sales, Operations, Inventory, and Purchase & Dispatch.

Mini ERP is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution for small to mid-sized organizations. It is quick to implement, easy to configure and very simple to use.

Simplify your business with a one solution. Integrate and centrally store supply chain, sales and marketing, procurement and services information.

Today's businesses operate in an environment of constant and high-speed change where the ability to adapt quickly and effectively has become essential for success. Management judgments assume critical importance as customers develop ever higher expectations of competitive price, improved delivery, excellent quality and exceptional performance