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Database Hosting Service Dubai

Database hosting for your business Database hosting service delivers the services that alter you to run data and database-intensive applications. The underlying server will either be solely used for databases or other applications like an web site, all of that depend upon your needs. This sort of hosting is especially helpful for clients with a requirement to run programs like CRM (Customer Relation Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software or customized applications.

A database hosting server is associate intriguing piece of software because it has the power to store a lot of information. Not like the typical web server application, this sort of server stores data in tables that consists of columns and rows.

While there tremendous advantages concerned, database hosting isn't created for everybody. as an example, if you merely have a requirement to run a small on-line business with shopping carts and alternative e-commerce features, you'll be able to most likely get by with a normal web hosting package that has you with access to multiple databases opposed the whole server. It's imperative to stay in mind that there significant difference between web hosting and simply having access to one, or maybe multiple databases. During this variety of arrangement, the database system is that the most essential part of the whole application as this can be wherever all the process is handled.

Alwafaa group have the database hosting service in MS SQL server and MySQL. And we provide Database hosting service in shared space and dedicated server also.